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Albert Fantrau: The Man Who Turned His Life Around

Albert Fantrau, life hasn’t been easy. He’s faced more than his fair share of challenges, including a stint in prison. But he’s turned his life around and is now using his experiences to help others. In this blog post, we’ll explore Albert’s story and how he’s using his life to make a difference for others. We’ll also learn some valuable lessons from him about how to overcome adversity and create a better future for ourselves.

Albert Fantrau’s Early Life

Albert Fantrau was born in a small town in Louisiana. He was the youngest of four children and his father died when he was just a baby. His mother worked two jobs to support the family and Fantrau never really knew his father. When Fantrau was eight, his mother remarried and his stepfather became the only father he ever knew. Fantrau’s stepfather was an alcoholic and would often beat him and his siblings. Fantrau’s childhood was very difficult and he never had any real friends. He always felt like an outsider and like he didn’t belong anywhere.

When Fantrau was sixteen, he dropped out of high school and joined the Army. He served for four years and then got out. After getting out of the Army, Fantrau became a truck driver. He drove long-haul trucks all over the country for several years. During this time, Fantrau began drinking heavily and using drugs. He became addicted to cocaine and heroin and his life spiraled out of control. He lost his job, his home, and ended up living on the streets.

Fantrau hit rock bottom when he was arrested for drug possession. He faced serious jail time, but luckily he was able to get into a rehabilitation program instead. This is where Fantrau finally turned his life around. He got clean and sober, finished high school, and started college. He eventually earned a degree in psychology and became a

Albert Fantrau’s Life-Changing Moment

Prior to his life-changing moment, Albert Fantrau was a lost soul. He had no direction and no purpose. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol and had been in and out of prison. But then, one day, he met a man who changed his life forever.

This man told Albert that he had the potential to be great. He saw something in Albert that nobody else had ever seen before. This encounter inspired Albert to turn his life around.

He got clean and sober, found a job, and started helping others who were in the same situation he had been in. Today, Albert is a success story. He is an inspiration to others who are struggling and he is proof that it is never too late to turn your life around.

Albert Fantrau’s New Life

Albert Fantrau had a tough life. He was born into a family of struggling immigrants and never had much growing up. He dropped out of school early and turned to a life of crime. For years, he was in and out of prison, never able to make a fresh start.

But then something changed. Fantrau found religion, and it turned his life around. He started attending church regularly and studying the Bible. He got involved in prison ministries and helped other inmates turn their lives around as well.

After being released from prison for the last time, Fantrau decided to change his name and start over again. He legally changed his name to Albert Joseph and got a job at a local grocery store. He’s been working there for several years now, and he’s turned his life around completely.

He’s a model citizen now, an upstanding member of the community. And he’s determined to help others who are struggling the way he once did. Fantrau is an inspiration to everyone who knows him, proof that it’s never too late to turn your life around.

Albert Fantrau’s Advice for Others

If you’re struggling with addiction, don’t give up hope. That’s the advice from Albert Fantrau, who knows firsthand how tough it can be to kick a drug habit.

Fantrau struggled with heroin addiction for years before finally getting clean. He says it was a long and difficult road, but it was worth it in the end.

If you’re thinking about quitting drugs, Fantrau says it’s important to have a support system in place. Talk to your friends and family about your decision and let them know you need their help.

You should also try to find a 12-step program or other group of people who are going through the same thing. It can be helpful to have others to lean on when times get tough.

Most importantly, don’t lose sight of your goal. Fantrau says it’s important to remember why you’re doing this and what you want to achieve in life. If you can keep that in mind, you’ll be more likely to succeed in your recovery.


Albert Fantrau is an amazing example of someone who turned his life around. Despite all of the obstacles he faced, he was able to turn his life around and become successful. His story is an inspiration to us all, and it shows us that no matter where we start in life, we can always achieve our dreams if we work hard enough.

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