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Did Tyrus win NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship?

It was an event that wrestling fans all over the world were waiting for. It was the culmination of a year’s worth of storylines, matches, and heartbreak. And as it turned out, did Tyrus win? Tyrus facing Neville for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at Final Battle did not disappoint. The back-and-forth battle between the two had fans on their feet from start to finish. If you want to catch all the action, be sure to check out the full match below!

What is NWA Worlds?

The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship is currently held by AJ Styles and was last won by Tyrus Thomas in 2012. The match went back and forth with both men putting on a spectacular display of wrestling skills.

In the end, it looked as though Tyrus Thomas had won the championship. when he pinned AJ Styles after hitting him with a low blow, but referee Brian Hebner ruled that AJ Styles had kicked out of the move at 2:02 minutes into the match. Although it was clear that Tyrus Thomas had won the match, some fans believe that AJ Styles may have won the championship due to his previous title defenses against Christopher Daniels and Kazuchika Okada which did not include any kickouts.

Who is Tyrus?

Tyrus is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, Tyrus. He is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand under the name Tyler Breeze. Tyrus made his in-ring debut in 2011 and has since become a prominent figure on the independent circuit.

In January 2017, it was announced that Tyrus had signed with WWE and would be making his main roster debut at Royal Rumble. In February 2017, Tyrus won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship from Adam Cole.

The Match: Tyrus vs. Cody

The match that was billed as the main event of the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship tournament took place on Saturday night at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. The bout pitted champion Tyrus vs. Cody.

Tyrus had been defending his title against any challenger that arose, but it was clear that whoever finally captured the belt from him would be a major player in professional wrestling. Cody had been wrestling since he was just a teenager, and he’d become one of the most decorated wrestlers in North America. He’d won championships all over the world, including the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in Japan.

The match started evenly, with both men trading punches and kicks. Cody seemed to have the advantage early on, but Tyrus fought back and eventually managed to take control of the fight. He landed several hard shots to Cody’s head and body, sending him crashing to the mat. The referee called for the bell, awarding Tyrus with a victory by knockout.

What Happened After the Match?

After the match, Tyrus was able to celebrate his victory with the title. He met with Michael Cole and Barrett Brown after the show and talked about his upcoming title defense against Lashley. Tyrus plans to make sure that he is in top condition for the match.


As of this writing, it is still unclear who won the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship match between Tyrus and Cody Rhodes. There has been a lot of speculation on social media as to who the rightful champion is, but there has yet to be any definitive word from either referee Earl Hebner or the NWA World Heavyweight Champion himself, Sting.

So we will have to wait until after the tournament final to know for sure who took home victory at The Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. In the meantime, enjoy some great photos of both athletes during their championship match below!

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