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El Cholo Autopsy Photos: Fact Or Fiction?

El Cholo’s autopsy photos have been circulating the internet for years, but are they real? In this blog post, we will explore the possibility that El Cholo’s autopsy photos are fake. This is a man who was said to have been a butcher, a hitman, and a bodyguard, among other things. We will examine the photos in question and look at the evidence both for and against their authenticity. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this exploration into the world of El Cholo.

What is El Cholo Autopsy Photos?

El Cholo Autopsy Photos: Fact Or Fiction?

The internet is a weird place. You can find anything and everything if you look hard enough – even autopsy photos of famous people. One such set of photos that have been circulating online for years is those purporting to show the autopsy of Mexican-American actor Ricky Ricardo, better known as “El Cholo” from the popular television series I Love Lucy.

But are these photos real? Let’s take a closer look.

First, a bit of background. El Cholo was a character in I Love Lucy played by Desi Arnaz, who was married to Lucille Ball in real life. The character was based on Arnaz’s own experience as a Cuban immigrant to the United States.

The photos in question show a man lying on a table with his chest cavity open, revealing his organs. The face has been blurred out, but many believe it to be Arnaz due to the similarity in hairstyle and build.

So, are the El Cholo autopsy photos real? It’s tough to say for sure. The quality of the images is not great, and they could easily be fake. However, some elements suggest they could be authentic. For one thing, Arnaz did die of lung cancer in 1986, so an autopsy would have been performed. Additionally, his widow Lucille Ball is known to have kept many mement

The Different Types of El Cholo Autopsy Photos

When it comes to El Cholo autopsy photos, there are two main types: those that show the face and those that don’t. The former are typically released by law enforcement agencies and the latter by private individuals.

The vast majority of El Cholo autopsy photos that have been released publicly show the face of the deceased. These images are usually taken by medical examiners or coroner’s office employees during the autopsy process. While some of these photos may be graphic, they offer a clear look at the victim’s features and can help to identify them.

There are also several El Cholo autopsy photos that do not show the face. These images are often taken by family members or friends of the deceased and may be less graphic than those taken by officials. These types of photos can still help identify a victim, but they may not provide as much detail as those that show the face.

Pros and Cons of El Cholo Autopsy Photos

There are a few pros and cons to the release of El Cholo autopsy photos. On the pro side, it can bring closure to the family and friends of El Cholo who have been waiting for answers. It can also help to identify the body if there is any doubt. On the con side, some people may find the photos too graphic and disturbing. They could also be used as evidence in a criminal trial, which could add to the trauma of the situation.

How to Distinguish Between Real and Fake El Cholo Autopsy Photos

Since the early days of the internet, El Cholo autopsy photos have been circulating online. But are they real or fake?

There are a few ways to tell the difference between real and fake El Cholo autopsy photos. First, look at the quality of the image. Real autopsy photos are usually high quality and taken by professional photographers. Fake photos are often grainy or low quality.

Another way to tell if an El Cholo autopsy photo is fake is by looking at the body itself. In real autopsy photos, the body will usually be in an advanced state of decomposition. Fake photos often show a body that looks too perfect or clean.

If you’re still not sure whether an El Cholo autopsy photo is real or fake, consider the source. Real photos are typically released by official sources, such as police departments or medical examiners. Fake photos are more likely to come from unofficial sources, such as websites or social media accounts.


The jury is still out on whether or not the El Cholo autopsy photos are real. However, if they are indeed fake, then they are a very well-done hoax. If you’re interested in seeing the photos for yourself, you can find them online. But be warned, they are fairly graphic and may not be suitable for all audiences.

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