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I Refuse to Be Executed a Second Time Spoiler / 2度目の処刑は

スペシャル・エディション Intro: アメリカの出版社からの依頼で、『I Refuse to Be Executed a Second Time Spoiler』(2度目の処刑はできない)という本を出版することになった。タイトル通り、私が2度目の処刑されるようになったら、その時は死ねると決めた。この本は、私の経験から生まれた故郷を詳しく、この状況に対する考え方や行動法を論じている。 タイトル通り、私が2度目の処刑されるようになったら、その時は死ねると

I Refuse to Be Executed a Second Time

I had no idea what was happening as the masked men took me away. When I woke up in the hospital, I could barely move my arms or legs. My mind was foggy and my whole body felt numb.

But thankfully, the guards found me in time and saved me. if everything goes according to plan, there’s always the chance of botched execution which can result in horrible death or mutilation.

It’s simply not worth it! There are much more effective ways of dealing with criminals such as imprisonment or rehabilitation instead of carrying out executions which only make things worse for society as a whole.

The Plot

After a botched execution, the protagonist is transferred to an all-female prison. Conditions in the prison are harsh and the guards are ruthless. The protagonist must find a way to escape or be executed a second time.


There are three main characters in Refuse to Be Executed a Second Time. Zhang Chunhua, Liu Jialong, and Zhou Yongkang. Zhang Chunhua is the protagonist of the story and is on death row for murdering a government official. Liu Jialong is Zhang’s lawyer and best friend who tries to save his client from execution. Zhou Yongkang is the governor of China who orders the execution of Zhang Chunhua.

How does It end?

The convict’s mind races as he contemplates his impending death. He remembers his family, the life he had the promises he made to them. As he thinks of all the things he’ll never see again, a tear creeps down his cheek.

Suddenly, there’s a loud knock on the door. The convict gasps in surprise and tries to grab his weapon, but it’s too late. The guards rush in, guns pointed at him.

“Surrender now,” one orders gruffly. “You have no chance of surviving a second execution.”

But the convict isn’t afraid. He has faced death before and he is not afraid of it anymore.

As the guards close in on him, he raises his chin defiantly and says one final goodbye to his family and friends. Then he gives himself up to fate.

What You Need to Know

Execution is a brutal and often public punishment in many countries. It is also known as capital punishment, the death penalty, or lethal injection.

In the United States, the death penalty is currently reserved for those convicted of murder. However, executions have been carried out in several other countries for a variety of crimes, including treason, rape, and drug trafficking.

These include the crime committed, the age of the convict at the time of sentencing, and whether the convict has any prior convictions. While there are many people who support execution as a form of punishment, there are also many opponents who argue that it is too cruel and often ineffective. They argue that capital punishment does not deter crime or help to rehabilitate offenders.

Spoilers Ahead!

Whether you’re planning to rewatch the show or not, it’s probably best to avoid reading any further if you don’t want spoilers for the upcoming season. That said, here are 5 major revelations from “The Walking Dead” Season 7 that could completely change your opinion of the characters.

1) Negan will be back

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Negan appears on horseback and saves them. However, Rick manages to talk him out of it and they head off in search of a new plan.

2) Lori may be PTS after all

Rick and Michonne track down a group of friendly survivors led by Aaron who tells them about an RV filled with supplies just outside the city limits. They decide to break into it while the others guard the entrance, but things go wrong pretty quickly. She stabs one of Rick’s crewmembers in the chest with a wooden stake and he soon collapses dead – giving Lori an excuse to run away from Alexandria.


It’s not that I don’t understand why the Empire wants me dead, it’s just that I can’t accept it. Knowing that there is a good chance of dying again doesn’t make the prospect any easier to stomach, but I know that this is what is best for the galaxy and for my friends and family.

The only way I’m going to protect them is by fighting tooth and nail until the Empire realizes how foolish they are and releases me from prison. The well who knows? Maybe things will have changed by then and they’ll finally realize how great an asset I can be on their side. But even if they don’t, at least I’ll have fought for something in life rather than simply given up on it.

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