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Interviews With Monster Girls Season 2: Confirmed! 2020

In just a few short months, Interviews With Monster Girls Season 2 will be coming to a close. And in that time, we’ve been lucky enough to speak with some of the cast and crew about what’s in store for 2020.

Today, we’re happy to announce that the confirmed cast for Season 2 is as follows:

Ai Nonaka (CV: Satomi Arai) – A trumpet-playing member of the royal guard who has a fondness for monsters.

Nono Mizushima (CV: Risa Taneda) – A genius naturalist and member of the royal guard who excels at monster slaying.

Kaho Kazuragi (CV: Yui Horie) – A genius inventor who also happens to be a giantess.

Moka Akashiya (CV: Ayane Sakura) – A vampire princess and one of the central characters of the story.

Shirogane Satsuki (CV: Kana Hanazawa) – The daughter of a yakuza boss who becomes determined to defeat her father’s enemies.

Yuuki Asuna (CV: Ai Kayano) – A student at Hoshinoumi Academy whose dream is to

MAGES.jp Announces the Cast of Monster Girls Season 2

MAGES.jp has announced the cast of their upcoming second season of the anime series, Monster Girls Season 2. The returning cast members are:

Aya Hirano as Moka Akashiya
Kana Hanazawa as Madoka Kaname
Yui Horie as Hestia
Ai Kayano as Rakshasa
Megumi Hayashibara as Durga
Yuuki Kaji as incubus Shiroe

Interviews with the Cast of Monster Girls Season 2

The cast of Monster Girls Season 2 has been confirmed! The new season will feature returning favorites such as the loli vampire queen Mami, the voluptuous succubus Yuki, and the busty harpy Rin.

In addition to these familiar faces, we’ve also been given a first look at some of the new arrivals. There’s the imposing ogre girl Kohaku, the shy fox girl Natsumi, and the tsundere dragon girl Tomoe. These character designs alone are worth tuning in for!

Speaking of which, what kind of craziness will befall our intrepid characters this season? We can only wait to find out!

The Plot of Monster Girls Season 2

Monsters have returned to the small town of Spring Valley, and this time there’s a new girl in town—a monster girl named Lily! Lily is a dragon-like monster who’s just moved to town with her mother and sister. She’s got big dreams of becoming a pop star, but she’ll have to get through the challenges of high school first. Can Lily make friends and find her place in this strange new world?

Interviews With Monster Girls Season 2: Confirmed!

Monster girls are back and better than ever! This season we’ve got an all-new cast of characters including Lily, a dragon-like monster who’s just moved to Spring Valley with her mother and sister. We caught up with Lily to ask her about her character, the show, and what fans can expect from season 2.

How did you get involved in appearing on Monster Girls Season 2?
I auditioned for it online! I was really excited when I found out I got the part. It’s been so much fun working on the show so far.

What do you think makes the series so captivating for fans?
I think it’s because everyone can relate to some aspect of the characters even if they don’t experience everything that happens on screen. And everyone loves seeing their favorite characters come together in exciting new ways.

Release Date for Monster Girls Season 2

The release date for Monster Girls Season 2 has been confirmed! The season will have 10 episodes and will air on the Anime Network in the United States from January 12, 2019, to March 23, 2019.

In an interview with ANN, the show’s creator Tomohiro Nishikiori discussed the sequel and what to expect from it. “Although it may seem like we’re just continuing things where we left off last season, I assure you that there are plenty of surprises in store,” he said.

Nishikori also revealed that the opening theme song for Monster Girls Season 2 will be sung by ClariS and Lynn. He also mentioned that they’ll be collaborating with the doujin group Lerche on an insert song for one of the episodes. And finally, he teased that a lot of new characters will appear in Season 2.

From the looks of it, Season 2 sounds like it’ll be an exciting ride – we can’t wait to see what happens next!


It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Monster Girls Season 2, but it looks like things are finally moving along! In an interview with The Game Awards Show, the show’s creator announced that they have officially greenlit Season 2 and that they’re looking for new cast members. So far, all of the announcements for Season 2 have focused on potential cast members, so it seems as though this is still very much in development mode. We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available!

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