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The Second Male Lead is Actually a Girl – Chapter 1

The second male lead is actually a girl – and it’s time we started to accept her as such. Chapter 1 of this three-part series will explore the gender spectrum and why this is important. We live in a world where everything is supposedly binary but that’s not the case at all. Gender is just one example of this. We need to start accepting people for who they are no matter what their gender may be. If we can start doing that then we can start to change the world for the better.

The Characters

The second male lead who has been drawing the attention of many female fans is actually a girl. The production staff of the K-drama has been keeping this information under wraps for weeks. Revealed the truth during a press conference on Monday.

According to reports from Soompi and TV Daily, the female lead in “The Second Male Lead Is Actually a Girl” is actually Choa Yun Hee. She has been playing the role of Choi Won Shil for over two years now and has become well-known for her acting skills. When asked about her thoughts on revealing her true identity as the female lead in “The Second Male Lead Is Actually a Girl”, she said that she was happy with the way things turned out. She added that she had never expected to be in such an active role in a drama and was grateful to have been given the opportunity to play Choi Won Shil.

How It All Started

There are a lot of different types of stories out there and for every type, there is a certain way to tell it. For example, in romance novels, the hero always has to save the heroine from some dire predicament or they may have known each other since childhood. In thrillers, the protagonist may be racing against time to stop a deadly villain from achieving their evil goals. There are also stories that focus on nontraditional pairings: two best friends who suddenly fall in love with each other two people who swap bodies for a day etc.

But when it comes to telling LGBT stories things can get tricky. The traditional narrative structure doesn’t work as well because gay characters don’t fit neatly into those familiar plotlines. So how do you write about someone who is attracted to someone of the same gender without resorting to stereotypes?

That’s where we come in! We’re big fans of LGBTQ+ representation in media, and we want to help make sure that all types of stories – including LGBT ones – get told properly and fairly. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new project: Gaymers Academy!

The Gaymers Academy is an online course that will teach aspiring writers how to write LGBT characters effectively and respectfully. We’ll discuss topics like coming-out narratives character arc construction and more. Part of the goal of Gaymers Academy is to break down the barriers that prevent

The Plot Thickens

EVER since Kirara Tanabe announced that her second male lead in the upcoming light novel adaptation Attack on Titan would be a girl fans of the series have been buzzing with excitement. But now, it seems that Tanabe’s secret might not be as secret as she thought.

In an interview with The Anime Network when asked about the reasoning behind casting a girl for the role Tanabe replied “It just felt right.” This response has led many to speculate that Attack on Titan’s second male lead may actually be female all along…

Although this theory may seem farfetched at first glance there are several reasons why it could be true. For one thing Attack on Titan’s original manga author, Hajime Isayama has always been open about his love for strong female characters and has often included strong female leads in his other works. In addition, Attack on Titan has always had a strong feminist message and many fans have interpreted the fact that the titans are giant human-like creatures as a metaphor for patriarchy.

If Tanabe’s comments are any indication it seems that we might soon find out whether or not her second male lead is actually a girl.

What Happens Next?

In the future, when people think of ‘the second male lead’ they’ll think of a girl. Why? because according to a new study, girls are just as good at leading as boys and they’re more likely to be promoted in their careers.

Apparently, people still think that women can’t lead and that it’s only for men. But this study proves that girls can do just as well as boys when it comes to being leaders.

This means that in the future, we may see more female leaders which is great news! Girls deserve to have opportunities in the workplace just like anyone else.


With no other options available she started plotting her escape. But even as she formed the beginnings of a plan she knew that it wouldn’t be easy. She was outnumbered out-gunned and most importantly – unknown to them – female.

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