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tombs of amascut drop rates

For many players in the tombs of amascut drop rates region, it has been a frustrating few weeks. After all, if the developers can’t even get their act together when it comes to fixing drop rates, what hope do they have of fixing other issues? In this article, we will explore some of the factors that are contributing to the tomb of amascut drop rate region and offer some advice on what you can do to help make the situation a little easier.

The Amascut Tombs

If you’re looking for high-quality Amascut tombs, the drops from slain dragons may not be your best bet. In fact, they might not even be your worst—though there are certainly better options out there.

The main reason to avoid slaying Amascut is that she’s one of the few dragon bosses that doesn’t drop a material that’s essential for building an Ascended character. The other big issue with slaying her is that her loot is incredibly random. Her drops include a wide array of items, but only a fraction of those are useful in any way.

That said, if you’re willing to put in the effort, there are definitely ways to get high-quality Amascut tombs without ever slaying a dragon. One option is to do tasks given by NPCs located in specific locations across the game world. These tasks usually involve defeating specific enemies or taking on particular challenges and often reward players with rare materials and powerful gear.

Another approach involves using relic weapons and armor obtained from fallen foes. Relics are special weapons and armor that have been imbued with powerful magical properties. As such, they’re ideal for handling tough challenges in the game world and often provide excellent rewards when defeated.

Theories on why the tombs of Amascut have a dropping drop rate

There are a few theories on why the tombs of Amascut have a dropping drop rate. Some believe that the developers may have intended for the drops to be rare, as it gives players an incentive to explore the tomb more thoroughly. Others believe that there may be some kind of bug or glitch in the game that is causing this issue. Regardless of the reason, it’s something that players are going to have to live with until the bug is fixed.

Purple drop table

The purple drop table is a table that displays the drop rates for purple chests in The Amascut Tomb. This table can be found on the official Amascut Tomb website.

The purple chest drop rates are as follows:

Location% Drop Rate(1)

Amascut Tomb 35-40%

The Tomb of the Pharaohs 9-10%


If you’re looking to try out the Tombs of Amascut for yourself, be aware that the drop rates for this dungeon are high. It’s best to start by farming up some experience points and items, and then taking on this difficult dungeon once you’re ready.

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