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Trump Demanding of Special Master is Looking like a Mistake

President Trump appointment of his lawyer to be a “special master” in the Stormy Daniels case is looking like a mistake, legal experts say.

Trump’s Demanding of Special Master is Looking like a Mistake

In his latest move in the Russia investigation, President Trump has demanded that a special master be appointed to review documents seized from his lawyer, Michael Cohen. This is being seen as a mistake by many, as it is likely to slow down the investigation and could give Trump’s team more time to prepare for interviews with investigators.

Trump is feeling the heat from the investigation, which is now looking at his finances and business dealings. The appointment of a special master could be an attempt to stall the investigation and give Trump’s team more time to prepare their defense.

In the meantime, the investigation will continue and Trump will come under increasing pressure to cooperate. It is looking increasingly likely that Trump made a mistake in demanding a special master be appointed, and it could end up costing him dearly in the end.

When it comes to the Russia investigation, it seems that Trump is demanding a Special Master. But is this a good idea?

Trump has been adamant about wanting a Special Master to oversee the Russia investigation. He believes that this will help to ensure that the investigation is fair and unbiased. However, many experts are saying that this could backfire on Trump.

For one, a Special Master would have the power to subpoena witnesses and documents.  Additionally, a Special Master could also recommend criminal charges if they believe that there is enough evidence to do so.

Trump’s demand for a Special Master may end up being a mistake.

What is the Role of a Special Master?

However, Trump’s lawyers have objected to the appointment of a special master, arguing that it is unnecessary and an undue burden on their client.

The role of a special master is generally to act as a neutral party in overseeing the implementation of a court order. In the case of President Trump and Congress, this would mean overseeing the production of documents and other evidence subpoenaed by House Democrats.

It is unclear at this time whether President Trump will request a special master to oversee the production of subpoenaed evidence. This could have negative political repercussions for the president, as it would suggest that he has something to hide.

The Role of Independent Counsel in American Law

The Iran-Contra Affair of the 1980s led to calls for an independent counsel law in the United States. The role of independent counsel has been controversial since its inception. Some argue that the office is necessary to hold government officials accountable for their actions, while others contend that it undermines the rule of law by giving too much power to a single individual.

Supporters argue that it is necessary to ensure accountability among government officials.

investigate any matter, he or she will usually do so only if there is evidence of criminal wrongdoing by a covered official. Critics also argue that the independent counsel law gives too much power to unelected prosecutors.

They point out that many independent counsels have uncovered serious wrongdoing that would not have come

Is Trump’s Demanding of Special Master an Intent to Sabotage the Investigation?

As the investigation into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia continues, President Trump has made an interesting request of the court overseeing the case.

This request has led many to speculate that Trump is attempting to sabotage the investigation by delaying and impeding the progress of prosecutors. Either way, it appears that Trump’s demand of a special master may end up backfiring on him.


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