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Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds – Chapter 1

The year is 1250. The place is France. Etienne de la Boetie, a young nobleman has just returned from the Crusades. He is battle-scarred and weary but his sense of justice is as strong as ever. Etienne’s first order of business is to take care of some unfinished business with his former friend, Hugues de Lusignan. Hugues betrayed Etienne during the Crusades and Etienne has come to seek vengeance. But Hugues is not the only one in Etienne’s sights. There are many others who have wronged him and he will have his revenge upon them all. Etienne is a Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds and he will not rest until he has exacted his revenge upon all those who have wronged him.

Chapter 1: Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds

It was a cold winter day when I decided to take my revenge. I had been planning it for months, ever since that fateful day when my family was killed, and know who was responsible and determined to make them pay.

Awaited until dark then made my way to their house. I could hear the laughter and music inside as they celebrated some holiday or other. They were all going to pay each and every one of them.

I broke into the house silently making my way to the living room where they were gathered. They didn’t even see me coming as I shot them one by one. The looks on their faces were priceless as they realized what was happening but it was too late for them.

They begged for mercy but I showed none. This was for my family and no amount of begging would change that. In the end, they were all dead and I felt nothing but satisfaction. My revenge was complete.

Chapter 2: The Girl Who Was Left Behind

She was left behind all alone in the world. She didn’t know how to survive on her own. All she knew was that she needed to find her way back to him.

She searched for him day and night never giving up hope that she would find him again. And then one day, she did. She found him in a dark alley about to be beaten to death by a group of thugs.

She screamed for help but no one came. So she fought them off herself using every ounce of strength she had. And when it was over she collapsed into his arms weeping with relief and happiness.

From that day on she swore to never let anyone hurt him again. She would protect him always even if it cost her everything.

Chapter 3: The boy Who Knew Too Much

In Chapter 3, we meet the boy who knew too much. His name is Mateo and he’s a street urchin who knows more about the goings-on in the city than anyone else. He’s also one of the only people who aren’t afraid of Saint full of Wounds.

Mateo first appears when he saves Saint from being arrested by the city guard. He then leads Saint to his hideout where he tells him everything he knows about the city’s underbelly. Mateo is an invaluable ally to have and together they begin planning their revenge against those who have wronged them both.

Chapter 4: The Witch’s bargain

In Chapter 4, the Witch makes a bargain with Saint. If Saint agrees to kill the King and Queen she will give him the power to make anyone kneel before him. Saint agrees to the bargain and the Witch gives him a black feather. She tells him that when he wants someone to kneel he just has to touch them with the feather.

Saint goes to the palace and kills the King and Queen. He then touches their daughter Princess Aurora with the feather and she kneels before him. He takes her away to his castle.

The Witch appears to Saint in a dream and tells him that he has not fulfilled his part of the bargain yet. He must also kill Princess Aurora’s true love, Prince Phillip. Saint goes to Phillip’s castle and tries to kill him but Phillip fights back and defeats Saint.

Aurora’s parents are resurrected by fairies and they forgive Saint for what he did. Phillip also forgives Saint and gives him his blessing to marry Aurora.

Chapter 5: The Sorcerer’s apprentice

In this chapter, the sorcerer’s apprentice is put to the test as he must face off against a powerful wizard. The wizard is able to easily best the apprentice in combat but the apprentice is able to use his magic to summon a powerful creature that ultimately defeats the wizard.

Chapter 6: The Battle of the Seven Swords

In the year 1227, on the seventh day of the seventh month, Genghis Khan’s grandson Khubilai led his army to victory against the combined forces of the Song dynasty and the Jin dynasty in the Battle of Xiaoyao Ford. The Battle of Seven Swords was one of the most significant battles in Mongol history. It not only cemented Khubilai’s position as Great Khan but also marked the beginning of Mongol rule in China.

The battle began with a surprise attack by Khubilai’s forces on the Song army’s rear guard. The Song army was caught off guard and was quickly defeated. The Mongols then pursued the retreating Song army and destroyed it completely. This victory paved the way for Khubilai to establish the Yuan dynasty in China.


The first chapter of “Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds” was captivating and intense. It sets up the story well and introduces the reader to the protagonist who is a strong and determined woman. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the book and finding out what happens next.

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