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What Happening In The Dungeon, Funny Fantasy RPG Gamer

What happening in the dungeon is a popular blog written by Funny Fantasy RPG Gamer. The blog provides an insight into the mind of a gamer and how they see the world of fantasy role-playing games. The blog started in 2011 and has since amassed a large following. Funny Fantasy RPG Gamer uses humor and personal anecdotes to provide readers with an entertaining look at the gaming industry. If you’re looking for a light-hearted take on the world of gaming, then What happening in the dungeon is the blog for you.

The Different Rooms in the Dungeon

There are four different rooms in the dungeon each with its own unique purpose.

The first room is the Entrance Hall where new adventurers are brought in and given their first tasks. This room is also where the Dungeon Master can be found, giving out quests and rewards to those who complete them.

The second room is the Treasure Room where all of the loot from fallen adventurers is stored. This is also where the shopkeeper can be found, selling items to those who need them.

The third room is the Monster Room, where all of the creatures that dwell in the dungeon can be found. This is also where battles take place, as adventurers face off against these monsters in order to gain experience and level up.

The fourth and final room is the Boss Room, where the strongest creature in the dungeon resides. This is usually a dragon or some other powerful being, and defeating it will grant the adventurer great rewards.

The monsters you will face in the dungeon

The dungeon is full of dangerous creatures that want to kill you. Here are some of the monsters you will face in the dungeon:

-Goblins: These small cowardly creatures are often found in large groups. They are not very strong individually but can be a serious threat if they surround you.

-Orcs: These brutish, savage creatures are much larger and stronger than goblins. They are often armed with crude but deadly weapons and they will not hesitate to use them against you.

-Wights: These undead creatures drain the life force from their victims. They are often found in dark gloomy places and can be difficult to destroy permanently.

-Dragons: The ultimate lair guardians dragons are massive, powerful creatures with razor-sharp claws and teeth. They can breathe fire and their scales offer them great protection from most weapons.

The treasures you will find in the dungeon

The treasures you will find in the dungeon are vast and varied. You may find ancient tomes containing lost knowledge, powerful weapons to help you vanquish your foes or piles of gold and jewels to line your pockets. Whatever you find it is sure to be valuable and worth your time to explore the dungeon for its hidden riches.

How to survive in the dungeon

In order to survive in the dungeon, one must be prepared for the worst. There are many dangers lurking in the dark corners of the dungeon and it is up to the adventurer to be aware of them. Here are some tips on how to survive in the dungeon:

1) Bring plenty of food and water. The last thing you want is to run out of supplies in the middle of the dungeon.

2) Be careful of traps. Many dungeons are filled with deadly traps so it pays to be cautious.

3) Watch out for monsters. The creatures that dwell in dungeons can be very dangerous so it is important to be prepared for combat.

4) Have a good map. A map can be essential for finding your way around the maze-like corridors of a dungeon.

5) Stay together as a group. There is strength in numbers so it is always best to adventure with friends or companions.

By following these tips you will increase your chances of surviving in the dangerous world of the dungeon.


So, what happens in the dungeon? A funny fantasy RPG gamer has a great time finding out. With an engaging story and plenty of humor, this book is perfect for anyone who loves fantasy RPGs or gaming in general. If you’re looking for a light-hearted enjoyable read look no further than What Happens in the Dungeon.

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