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Yaya Mayweather Age: Is She Still Alive Or Has She Died?

Yaya Mayweather, the boxing champion and mother of two, has been the center of much speculation since she failed to turn up for a press conference last week. Many have speculated that Yaya has passed away, as she hasn’t been seen or heard from in quite some time. But is this really the case?

In this blog post, we will explore the possible fate of Yaya Mayweather and what may have happened to her. From her background and family to the latest news on her whereabouts, read on to get the full story of this exciting boxing champion.

Background Information on Yaya Mayweather

Yaya Mayweather is a former world champion boxer. She was born on May 2, 1981, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Yaya won the WBC and WBA lightweight championships in 2002 and 2004, respectively. Her professional boxing record stands at 38 wins (27 by knockout) and 3 losses.

Mayweather retired from boxing in 2007 after she was defeated by Zab Judah. She has since been involved in various business ventures and has starred in several reality TV shows. She is currently married to rapper 50 Cent and they have two children together.

Latest Reports Claim That Yaya Mayweather Is Dead

According to recent reports, Yaya Mayweather may be dead. The 38-year-old boxing icon has not been seen or heard from in months and there have been no updates on his health since last September.

TMZ reports that Mayweather’s father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., is “absolutely devastated” and believes his son is dead. A source close to the family claims that they have not been able to reach Yaya or get in touch with him since September and that he may have gone into hiding because of the legal troubles he is facing.

Mayweather has been facing a number of legal issues, including a $21 million lawsuit from a former business partner and accusations of assault and robbery from two different women.

There have been no updates on these cases since last September, which has led some to believe that Mayweather may be dead. no updates on her condition. Some believe that she has passed away due to her prolonged absence, but others are reluctant to believe it until they have more concrete evidence.

Mayweather’s loved ones have not commented on the rumors, leading many to believe that something is wrong. Her father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., last tweeted about his daughter in December and since then there have been no other updates. If she is indeed deceased, her family would likely want to keep the news private until after her funeral.
If you are the family of Yaya Mayweather and have any information about her whereabouts or condition, please contact law enforcement.

TMZ Claims They Have Proof That Yaya Mayweather Is Alive and Well

According to TMZ, they have proof that Yaya Mayweather is alive and well. The website claims they have obtained footage of the boxing champion attending a party in Las Vegas over the weekend. It’s unclear what kind of relationship she has with her estranged father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., but it seems she’s doing well for herself.

This is just another example of the rumor mill going into overdrive as we get closer to Mayweather’s potential return to the ring. While it’s possible this footage is real and that Mayweather is living a quiet life away from the public eye, it’s also possible that it’s a fake and this is nothing more than gossipmongering. We’ll have to wait and see what actually comes out when TMZ releases its story.


Yaya Mayweather is one of the most famous women in the world, and rumors have been swirling for years about her well-being. Some say she’s still alive, while others believe she’s passed away. We hope that by providing you with this information, we can dispel some of the uncertainty surrounding it.

Yaya Mayweather’s whereabouts and ensure that you are getting accurate news about her current state. Until we learn more definitively, we suggest avoiding any stories or posts containing unconfirmed rumors about Yaya Mayweather’s death.

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